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Bradbury Hall specification


An event in the Bradbury Hall.The Bradbury Hall is part of a new building that was constructed in 2010 to a very modern design and fully complies with all the latest safety, sustainability and disability requirements. There is a high arch roof supported with exposed timber beams, three sets of roof windows to provide plenty of natural light and there is a light coloured sprung wooden floor. There is easy access to the, Street, Meeting Room and the Coffee Bar.

Hall dimensions

Maximum useable floor space with the stage in situ and all chairs stored in the hall:

  • Width - 14.21 metres (46 feet).
  • Length - 14.5 metres (47 feet).
  • Height at the sides - 3.27 metres (10 feet).
  • Height in the centre - 7.27 metres (23 feet).
  • Floor area - 206 square metres (2217 square feet).

Maximum dimensions without any chairs or stage:

  • Width - 14.21 metres (46 feet).
  • Length - 17.5 metres (57 feet).
  • Height at the sides - 3.27 metres (10 feet).
  • Height in the centre - 7.27 metres (23 feet).
  • Floor area - 248.6 square metres (2676 square feet).

Hall access

Access from the street is via 2 sets of double doors in a straight line with the minimum access size of 1.7 metres wide x 2 metres high.

Access can also be gained via the side path through a single set of Emergency Doors 1.66 metres wide x 2 metres high.

Hall capacity

The number of people allowed in the hall depends on the use and the risk assessment carried out for the event. Please do not invite the maximum numbers to your event until we have agreed that your event will comply with safety regulations. The hall fully complies with all safety regulations regarding emergency exits and fire alarms etc; The risk assessment will centre on how you will get people out and away from the hall in the event of an emergency. For example it may take longer to get people out in wheelchairs or prams than a youth group. We will be able to help you with this.

Approximate numbers that could be accommodated assuming the stage and chairs remain in the hall:

  • Social gathering with everyone standing - 400.
  • Barn Dance or Ballroom Dancing with seating around the walls - 160.
  • Theatre Style with everyone seated in rows - 200.
  • Wedding Reception with a top table on the stage but without a dance area - 168.
  • Formal Dinner without a dance area - 160.
  • Charity Fair or Farmers Market with 16 tables - 230.

Approximate numbers that could be accommodated with the chairs and stage removed:

  • Social gathering with everyone standing - 460.
  • Barn Dance or Ballroom Dancing with seating around the walls - 200.
  • Theatre Style with everyone seated in rows - 240.
  • Charity Fair or Farmers Market with 16 tables - 270.

Approximate reductions in numbers:

  • For every table (1800 mm x 760 mm) used - Reduce numbers by 4.
  • For every table (1800 mm x 760 mm) with 8 chairs used - Reduce numbers by 8.
  • For a 4m x 4m dance area - Reduce numbers by 36.
  • For chairs positioned around the perimeter of the hall - Reduce numbers by 40.


  • 140 x stackable banqueting chairs with padded seats and backs. These chairs can be linked to comply with safety regulation.
  • 60 x chairs with arms. These chairs cannot be linked. Additional chairs of a different design can be provided on request.

Tables - additional charge

Lightweight aluminium folding tables with imitation light oak tops are available. The number of tables available will depend on the needs of other users within the building. Normally there is a minimum of 5 tables 1820 mm x 760 mm and 8 tables 1820 mm x 690 mm.

Additional tables of different sizes can be supplied upon request.


A Doughty Easydeck modular stage is provided with access steps and safety rails. The stage is normally in place but can be removed upon request. The normal layout provides for a 6 metre wide x 3 metre deep x 750 mm high stage with the access steps off to stage left. A full valance covers the front of the stage. The standard stage has a ‘rough’ surface to prevent slipping but this can be replaced with a ‘smooth’ surface, better suited for dancing. Please request this change when booking your event. Please note that there is a charge for the removal of the stage or changing the surface.


There is a Wi-Fi Broadband system - password controlled - which you may use free of charge at your discretion and at your own risk. Note that we do not have technical support available on a 24/7 basis and you should have a back up plan in case the Wi-Fi system goes down during your event.

General lighting

The Hall has 3 separate lighting circuits, each controlled via a dimmer:

  1. High level fluorescent lights to provide general lighting.
  2. Concealed fluorescent lights to up-light the ceiling.
  3. High level low voltage spotlights to create mood lighting.

There are 7 preset lighting states from ‘Full Bright’ to low level atmospheric ‘Party Lighting’ and an overall raise or dim feature. The lighting can be controlled from any one of 3 positions around the hall.

Stage lighting - additional charge

There is stage lighting system suitable for Conferences, Barn Dances or stage displays. There is additional power available to augment the installed stage lighting if needed.

The stage lighting consists of:

  • Lighting Bar with 6 x 15 amp sockets and DMX outlet positioned at the front of the stage.
  • Dimmer Rack with 6 x 2 kw 15 amp sockets located in the control room.
  • Portable Single preset 6 way manual control desk operated via DMX.
  • 4 x Selecon Fresnel Lanterns with barn doors hanging from the lighting bar and focused to light the stage.
  • There is an additional DMX connection point for the control desk adjacent to the stage.

Data projection - additional charge

A 6500 lumen Data Projector is fitted to the rear wall of the hall to project on the electrically operated projection screen mounted at the rear of the stage. The projector is extremely bright and therefore suitable for use in daylight. The input connection to the projector is in the control room and leads are provided for the connection of PC or Mac laptops. Alternatively the projector can be connected to the DVD in the sound rack for showing of films. The remote control will adjust, Zoom, Focus, Aspect Ratio and a Shutter.

Flip charts - additional charge

Flip charts complete with paper and pens are available.

Presentation equipment - additional charge

We can arrange the supply of any additional technical equipment you may need for your lecture or presentation.

First aid

A suitable First Aid Kit is supplied.

Catering - additional charge

We can arrange catering for your event from just coffee or a buffet lunch to a full sit down meal.

Hearing induction loop

An Induction Loop system for the hard of hearing is installed in the hall with its own separate microphone.

Warning! Care is needed with the loop system as there are two other loop systems in the immediate area which can affect the performance with cross talk. The induction loop cannot be used if the equipment rack is situated at the rear of the hall.

Data patching

There are 2 pairs of RJ45 Data connection points in the hall and 1 pair in the control room which terminate at a patch panel in the services room to allow data to be patched around the building.

Sound system - additional charge

The portable sound equipment rack is normally operated from the control room on stage left. There are also connection points for the sound rack adjacent to the stage and at the rear of the hall. There are 4 x 3pin XLR signal tie lines from the side of the stage and 5 from the rear of the hall which terminate at a patch panel in the control room. The DVD player will automatically send the sound to the speakers and the picture to the projector.

The sound rack is fitted with:

  • 12 way Rack Mount Mixer.
  • 2 x Sennheiser 4channel radio microphone receivers.
  • iPod connection point.
  • DVD Player.
  • CD Player & Reversible Cassette deck.
  • Induction Loop Amplifier.
  • Hall Power Amplifier.

Hall speakers

4 x RCF 44T 60watt monitor speakers are fitted to the side walls.

Loose sound equipment

  • 3 x Sennheiser e825s Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones.
  • 3 x K&M Tall microphone stands with boom arms.
  • 1 x Sennheiser fp35EUK Freeport Handheld Radio Microphone with 4 frequency settings.
  • 1 x Sennheiser fp12EUK Freeport Lapel Radio Microphone with 4 frequency settings.
  • 3 x 20metre XLR Signal Cables.
  • 3 x 10metre XLR Signal Cables.

Power outlets

All the power outlets in the hall are controlled via a Noise Limiter which will turn the power off if the noise level exceeds 93dB:

  • 10 x Double 13amp Socket Outlets positioned around the hall.
  • 63 amp Single Phase 2P&E 6h socket outlet located in the control room.

Noise limiter

The Bradbury Hall is situated in a residential area and therefore to comply with local regulations a Noise Limiter is fitted which controls all the power outlets in the hall. This noise limiter is situated on the rear wall of the hall in full view of the stage and will switch off the power for 20 seconds if the pre-set noise level is breached. Full warning is given that you approaching the cut-off point. Power will automatically be restored once the noise level reduces to an acceptable level.


Heating is provided via 4 x fan assisted radiators which will maintain a constant temperature of 20°C. The heating, if required, is automatically active upon first entry to the hall.


There are 2 sets of electrically operated windows in the roof which provide ample daylight and ventilation. These windows are controlled via the heating system to prevent them from opening if the heating is on and the outside temperature drops below 8°C. There is a low level manually operated window to provide ventilation if needed.


The roof windows have electrically operated blinds that provide dim-out. The hall cannot be blacked out completely using the fitted blinds.

Bouncy castles

A suitable bouncy castle can be used inside the hall. We do not own or supply a bouncy castle.