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Church for all

All Ages Welcome

We rejoice in seeing people of every generation involved in the life of our church. From the youngest to the oldest, we want to create the right welcome for you and to celebrate all that you bring. God's gift are shared amongst us all. Everyone has things to offer to bless our community. And all of us, at whatever stage we are in our lives, can be blessed by the love, kindness and insights of others.

Junior Church

We have an active Junior Church and creche and all are welcome. Normally the youngsters come into the church service at 10:30 am then go out to their groups after the second hymn.

In the summer we run all groups together and have a different theme.

Picture of two children at work at Junior Church.

Here is a poster that the children created around helping our planet and making a difference.

Picture of the poster created about the animals.

BDAA Silver award

We are delighted to say that we have received the Image of the Bristol Dementia Action Alliance logo . BDAA (Bristol Dementia Action Alliance) Silver award for our ‘Singing to Remember’ activities. Image of the the BDAA Silver Award.

Singing to Remember is run on First, Third and Fifth Thursdays in the Bradbury Hall from 2:00 pm.