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Church House Kitchenette specification


Church House Kitchenette.The Kitchenette is part of an existing building (Church House) that was constructed around 1900 but has recently been fully refurbished to comply with all the latest safety and disability requirements. There is a serving hatch into the Leonard Hall and easy level access to the street, Leonard Hall, Cranbrook Room and the Crèche.

Kitchenette dimensions

Maximum dimensions including the space taken up by the fitted equipment:

  • Width - 3.41 metres (11 feet).
  • Length - 5.87 metres (19 feet).
  • Height - 2.72 metres (9 feet).
  • Usable floor area - 20 square metres (215 square feet).

Kitchenette access

The Kitchenetteis accessed from the main entrance lobby via a single door. There is a serving hatch between the Kitchenetteand the Bradbury Hall with doors. Access from the Leonard Hall is via a single door.

Coffee making facilities

  • Full coffee making facilities are provided, but we do not provide the milk or coffee!
  • Kettles are not provided and must not be used in the Kitchenette.
  • There is an automatic water heater capable of providing instant hot water for up 80 mugs of tea or coffee or 120 cups per hour.

Loose items available

  • China mugs - 60.
  • Cafétiers (12 cup) - 2.
  • Selections of teapots.
  • Side plates.
  • Dinner plates.
  • Desert bowls.
  • Knives.
  • Forks.
  • Desert spoons.
  • Tea spoons - 40.
  • Selection of serving dishes.
  • Selection of food preparation and serving cutlery.


1 x lightweight aluminium folding table with an imitation light oak top 1220mm x 690mm.


A fridge is provided for the temporary storage of food during your event.


A commercial microwave is provided.

Dish washing

A commercial dish washer is provided with a 2 or 3 minute wash cycle. This machine will work continuously all day, after an initial warm up time of 15 minutes. Detergent and rinse-aid for the dishwasher is provided which is via an automatic feed.

Hot water

There is a continuous supply of hot water available at the main sink for the washing of dishes but we would prefer you to use the dishwasher at all times. Washing up liquid and drying cloths are provided.

Catering - additional charge

We can arrange catering for your event from just coffee or a buffet lunch to a full sit down meal.

Catering items - additional charge

We can provide the following items upon request:

  • Linen or paper table cloths.
  • Black bin liners.
  • Hostess heated trolleys.

First aid

A first aid kit suitable for kitchens is supplied.

Power outlets

There are 4 x double 13 amp socket outlets positioned around the Kitchenette.


Basic Kitchen cleaning materials are provided.

Waste disposal

Separate bins are provided for the re-cycling of as much waste as possible.


Heating is provided via a fan assisted radiator which will maintain a constant temperature of 20°C. The heating, if required, is controlled via a manual timer adjacent to the door.


There is a manually operated window.