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Leonard Hall specification


Leonard Hall.The Leonard Hall is part of an existing building (Church House) that was constructed around 1900 but has recently been fully refurbished to comply with all the latest safety and disability requirements. There are tall windows to provide plenty of natural light and ventilation and there is a dark colour wooden floor. There is level access to the Cranbrook Room and the Crèche.

Leonard Hall dimensions

Maximum dimensions without any chairs:

  • Width - 5.89 metres (19 feet).
  • Length - 9.65 metres (31 feet).
  • Height - 4 metres (13 feet).
  • Floor area - 56 square metres (603 square feet).

Leonard Hall access

Access from the street is via a shallow sloping path and through a set of double doors at right angles to the room with the maximum entry size of 760 mm wide x 2 metres high.

Leonard Hall capacity

The number of people allowed in the hall depends on the use and the risk assessment carried out for the event. Please do not invite the maximum numbers to your event until we have agreed that your event will comply with safety regulations. The hall fully complies with all safety regulations regarding emergency exits and fire alarms etc.; The risk assessment will centre on how you will get people out and away from the hall in the event of an emergency. For example it may take longer to get people out in wheelchairs or prams than a youth group. We will be able to help you with this.

Approximate numbers that could be accommodated assuming chairs remain in the hall:

  • Social gathering with everyone standing - 100.
  • Barn Dance or Ballroom Dancing with seating around the walls - 50.
  • Theatre Style with everyone seated in rows - 50.
  • Charity Fair or Farmers Market with 8 tables - 56.

Approximate numbers that could be accommodated with the chairs removed:

  • Social gathering with everyone standing - 110.
  • Charity Fair or Farmers Market with 16 tables - 64.

Approximate reductions in numbers:

  • For every table (1800 mm x 760 mm) used - reduce numbers by 4.
  • For every table (1800 mm x 760 mm) with 8 chairs used - reduce numbers by 8.


50 x stackable chairs with padded seats and backs are provided. Additional chairs of a different design can be provided on request.


Lightweight aluminium folding tables are available. The number of tables available will depend on the needs of other users within the building. Normally there is a minimum of:

  • 2 x tables 1820 mm x 690 mm.
  • 2 x tables 1520 mm x 690 mm.
  • 14 x tables 920 mm x 6100 mm.

Additional tables of different sizes can be supplied upon request.


The Leonard Hall does not have a stage.


There is a Wi-Fi Broadband system in the Leonard Hall - password controlled - which you may use free of charge at your discretion and at your own risk. Note that we do not have technical support available on a 24/7 basis and you should have a back up plan in case the Wi-Fi system goes down during your event.

Flip charts - additional charge

Flip charts complete with paper and pens are available.

Presentation equipment - additional charge

We can arrange the supply of any additional technical equipment you may need for your lecture or presentation.

Catering - additional charge

We can arrange catering for your event from just coffee or a buffet lunch to a full sit down meal.

General lighting

The Leonard Hall has ceiling mounted fluorescents to provide general lighting.


An upright piano is provided. We can arrange to have this tuned for your event at an extra charge.

First aid

A suitable first aid kit is supplied.

Hearing induction loop

The Leonard Hall does not have an Induction Loop system.

Sound system

A sound system is not supplied and should not be needed for a typical meeting or demonstration.

Power outlets

There are 4 x double 13 amp socket outlets positioned around the hall.


Heating is provided via a fan assisted radiators which will maintain a constant temperature of 20°C. The heating, if required, is controlled via a manual timer adjacent to the door.


There are 3 tall windows which provide plenty of daylight and ventilation.


The windows have vertical blinds to provide dim-out. The Leonard Hall cannot be blacked out completely using the fitted blinds.

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy castles cannot be used inside the hall.